best driver under £200

Best Drivers Under £200 in the UK – 2020 Edition

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The Driver has become one of the most focussed clubs in the bag. For whatever reason, it is the one club that people most often want to hit well. This is likely due to the huge endorphin rush when you smash a huge drive straight down the middle of the fairway.

If you’re anything like me, once you smash that great drive, you get overly confident, and smash your next 5 drives into the bushes and scream “FORE RIGHT!” at the top of your lungs. Oh, only me? Never mind, let’s move on.

Interestingly, I spoke to my golf instructor recently who told me that when he was a young boy and being taught golf by his instructor, he wasn’t allowed a driver. He was told that until he got below a 10 handicap with his irons only, he wasn’t able to use it.

This is the complete opposite case these days. I would argue that the driver is the first club into most people’s bags, and the most prized club most often. I think for me, this is because I grew up at the driving ranges. You weren’t hitting wedges when at the driving range, were you? It is kind of in the name…

Anyway, storytime is over, let’s discuss some budget drivers!

Brand New drivers these days are lucky to be had for less than £400 – the market has gone crazy! They give the excuse of all the new technology they’ve put into the new club this year, but in reality if you watch comparison videos, there’s often very little difference in it. A professional golfer may be able to squeeze an extra few yards out of it on a good day. But, they’re pro golfers. If they can only squeeze a little bit of extra juice out of the clubs, what hope do you have?

This is why I always recommend going used, as most of the time, there is a law of diminishing returns applied to golf clubs and their soaring cost.

So, without further delay, let’s talk about the BEST Driver Under £200.

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Top 5 Drivers Under £200

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1. RAM Golf Laser (Anti-Slice Technology)

The key selling point of the RAM isn’t that it hits absolute bombs for miles, but that it consistently hits straight shots. This driver is perfect for those of us who struggle with a slice on our drives. There is an off-set weighting in the clubhead which is designed to control the direction of the club face and veer you away from a potential slice.

I personally struggle with the ocassional slice, and the RAM club definitely helped me reduce the significance of these off-hits. I wouldn’t say the club is dead straight every single time, but it definitely stops you from hitting those ball losing slices, and turns it more into a slight fade. But that’s the key to the technology in these clubs. The marketing is obviously going to tell you that it will hit everything straight every time. However, if you limit your expectations to something reasonable, then you’ll be amazed at what this driver can do!

I’ve spoken about RAM in length before. I personally think they’re one of the better brands for the low budget. I just wish they’d change their branding and spend a bit more time on the ‘look’ of their clubs. However, this is also personal preference, and you may not care what your club looks like, as long as it does the job! Either way, you definitely won’t go wrong with the RAM Golf Laser!

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2. Mazel Titanium Zu35

I am very much someone who cares about how their golf clubs look. There are also people who don’t care at all. As I said above in my breakdown of the RAM driver, I’m not the biggest fan of its appearance. However, the Mazel offers a lot of what the RAM driver has, but with much more time spent on the look of the club!

The sound of the Mazel is a little bit tinny to my ears, but the results of the shots are very impressive regardless. You can’t really complain about the noise a driver makes when it is at this price, with this performance. I put it side-by-side against my current driver (Callaway Epic Flash) and I was in and around the same distance, and same consistency. I would say the Mazel even has a slightly more appealing ball flight than my Callaway!

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Best Well Known Brand

3. Wilson D300


  • The D300 is a real distance machine, thanks to the aerodynamic design which allows you to increase clubhead speed for maximum distance performance.

    The D300 Driver Features:

    • Right Light Technology
    • Aerodynamic design
    • Carpenter Custom 455 Face Insert
    • 1-Year Guarantee / UST D300 Superlight Graphite Shaft / Wilson Staff Full Choice Grip

    Right Light Technology

    This technology allows you to swing the club faster with the same amount of effort. It is one of the lightest drivers available and allows you to increase distance performance.

    Carpenter Custom 455 Face Insert

    The Carpenter Custom 455 Face Insert increases the speed the golf ball leaves the club face. This premium maraging steel insert produces a thin, hot, high CT face and generates greater ball speeds ensuring maximum distances are achieved by this driver

    Aerodynamic Design

    This club is designed to maximize club head speed and reduce the drag forces. Overall, this delivers greater distance from the tee.

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4. Wilson Deep Red Maxx

Combine maximum distance on the course, with a reinforced TIP Control technology for greater consistency. The head has been constructed with a Forged Titanium Matrix, for added durability, which has been engineered to save more weight, with aerodynamic shaping for maximum speed and distance down the fairways. The lightweight graphite shaft has been optimised to match your golf swing speed and has a reinforced tip to provide stability and improved launch at the point of impact.

The Deep Red Maxx Driver Features:

  • Aerodynamically Engineered Head
  • Forged Titanium Matrix Construction
  • Tip Control Technology
  • 1-Year Guarantee & Premium Graphite Shaft

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5. TaylorMade M2

The TaylorMade M2’s new construction saves and repositions weight low and back. Built with an even lighter, ultra-thin and high-strength carbon composite crown with a more active speed pocket to unlock exceptional distance and forgiveness for more golfers.

The TaylorMade M2 Driver Features:

  • New Multi-Material Construction
  • Deep & More Active Speed Pocket
  • Geocoustic Technology
  • 2-Year Guarantee / Fujikura XLR8 Pro Shaft / Dual Feel Grip

Multi-Material Construction

M stands for Multi-Material and this is the cog in the construction that unlocks the performance in M2. This construction is highlighted by a 6-layer carbon composite crown with a 9-1-1 skeletal body that is precision-formed and built. Ultra-thin, ultra-light and high strength to maximise weight savings. This addition has allowed the designers at TaylorMade to place the weight lower and further back on the sole for a more efficient power transfer, giving golfers more ball speed.

Massive Sweet Spot

To make the M2 driver both long and forgiving, it was built with technologies that protect the ball speed and create a massive sweet spot. Engineered for increased flex all along the face to improve forgiveness, and produce high launch/low spin shots that achieve massive distance.

Geocoustic Technology

The driver is engineered with Geocoustic technology, internal sound ribs and advanced sole shaping to provide controlled vibrations and pitches to produce a solid, hot and crisp sound. As well as providing Advanced sole shaping with recessed toe panel which enables club face expansion for added forgiveness.


The driver comes fitted with a premium Fujikura XLR8 Pro graphite shaft with an adjustable loft sleeve, this allows you to dial in maximum performance by adjusting loft, lie and face angle. 12 positions, 4° (+/- 2° degrees of loft).

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