Best Golf Clubs for Tall Guys

Written by The Budget Golfer

June 14, 2020

As a 6 Foot 3 Golfer, I think I am quite qualified to have an input here, and answer this question. There is a huge range of equipment to choose from these days, and it seems to be growing even bigger each year. However, when it comes to being tall, there are limited options. Equipment is generally made to be a perfect fit for the majority of people. Unfortunately, the majority of people are not over 6 foot tall.

Because of this difficulty, it can take a long time to find the perfect clubs for a taller player.

The perfect scenario is to just get a custom fitting for your clubs. But, not everyone can afford to pay the cost of this, as it can run into the several thousands if getting fitted for a full set.


Buying clubs for your specific height is incredibly important, but it isn’t always as simple as your height. You could be the same height as the man standing next to you, but require different clubs. It is all about the distance between the ground and your wrist. This factors both overall height, and arm length into consideration.

This is why some tall golfers can get away with using regular length clubs – as they may have above average length arms which counteracts their overall height. Conversely, someone not so tall with significantly shorter arms than their height would suggest may require longer clubs.

The core message here is, if you’re serious about your golf game, and you want to maximise your potential – it is key that you use the clubs which are right for your body setup. Golf clubs for tall men can be difficult to find, and when you’re 6 feet or over, it is more than likely that you will need special clubs. So, let’s look into that problem! 

The Importance of Golf Club Fitting

There have been many studies performed on the importance of club fitting in terms of how clubs will actually perform related to your body type. It was found that only about 10% of golfers would actually require no adjustment at all to their clubs in order to perform at their optimum levels.

Golf is a sport where a small 0.5 inch increase to your club shaft length could be the difference between you being a 15 handicap, and a 10 handicap. It really can make that much difference. I know this from experience, as I had a standard set up clubs when I first started playing. I then had the shafts lengthened by 1 inch, and my shot consistency went through the roof (after a short adjustment period).

You also have to remember that not all club manufacturers create clubs to the same specifications. Almost all clubs will be slightly different in their setup. This is why you will likely perform better with one manufacturers clubs compared to another.

 The most important change for tall golfers out there is going to be the length of the shaft, and it is the most common change for tall golfers when they get a professional club fitting. 


Recommended Clubs For Tall Guys

Beginner Golfer – Wilson Stretch Set

This set is perfect for anyone up to a height of 6 foot 1 – and maybe slightly taller if your arms are on the longer side. This set is perfect for the beginner golfer who needs a full set of clubs which will perform well. Included in the set is a fully functioning stand bag. Believe me, you’ll appreciate this being thrown in. 

Wilson Stretch Golf Club Set (Incl. Stand Bag)

  • wilson-stretch-golf-setIncluded stand bag will allow your clubs to not be falling over while on the golf course. The comfortable back straps and lightweight bag means you could easily take this set for a full 18-holes without a cart
  • Driver has a huge sweet spot allowing for beginners to really get used to hitting a driver
  • Club length has been extended by one inch in order to be perfect for the guys out there who are taller golfers
  • This is a full set, so comes with everything you would require to get out on the golf course and start learning all about this sport!
  • Both a fairway wood and a hybrid club are included. The hybrid club is widely regarded as one of the easiest longer clubs to hit. As a beginner, this can really benefit your score over a game. As a 5 iron can be very difficult to hit well, the 5 hybrid comes in to play in order to help you get those longer shots.

Precision 18 Piece Set

Unlike the previously mentioned Wilson set, this one comes with 18 clubs! And is an absolute bargain for any taller golfer out there. This includes all your required irons, hybrid, and woods.

On top of that, there is the option to add 1″ to the club length, making them perfect for guys like us.

18 Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set With Titanium Driver, #3 & #5 Fairway Woods, #4 Hybrid, 5-SW Irons, Putter, Stand Bag, 4 H/C’s

  • precision-18-club-golf-set-tall-golfersLarge 460cc full titanium driver, with a huge sweet spot, will help you drive that ball for a mile down the fairway
  • Comes included with fairway woods and hybrid clubs which have been designed for maximum forgiveness, which is great for those who don’t always connect with the ball perfectly.
  • The irons in this set have been created with a focus on length control. Made out of stainless steel, they aim to allow you to have full control over the length of your shots, so you’ll be hitting more and more greens.
  • Slightly larger grip sizing is included, which is great for those with slightly larger hands (as we tend to have based on our height). Also dual compound, so you’ll get plenty of grip when using them.
  • Super lightweight blade style putter, which has an alignment system on it in order to help your putting significantly
  • Wedges also included in this set, to help you around the green and get out of those bunkers!

Wilson Pro Staff SGI – For Tall Left Handed Golfers

I couldn’t leave you lefties out of the equation! 

This set made by Wilson is perfect for anyone from beginner to advanced level. It isn’t as complete of a set as the previously mentioned clubs, but it gives you enough variety to easily play full rounds of golf with ease.

These are perfect for taller left handed golfers.

Wilson Golf Pro Staff SGI Half Set

  • tall-left-handed-golfer-setThis half set consists of 5, 7 & 9 irons, which means it skips out on the 6 and 8 iron. However, due to the distance control on these Wilson Clubs, I don’t think you’ll be missing them if you’re a casual weekend golfer.
  • Also included is a Sand Wedge to get out of the bunkers, a 5 wood, and putter. This means that there actually isn’t a driver here. However, the benefit here is that it is rare for tall guys to need a longer driver, so this gives you the flexibility to use whatever Driver you wish.
  • High quality graphite shafts are included on these clubs, which means you can avoid the ‘whippy’ feeling of overly-soft shafts that you can often find on cheaper clubs. Wilson is a top quality brand at the end of the day.
  • High quality stand bag included, which as I’ve previously mentioned, can be a god-send on a long day around the course.

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