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Editor’s Choice: Mizuno ST190

The Mizuno ST190 is hands down one of the best looking and most solidly made drivers out there. I don’t know what it is about Mizuno, but they somehow seem to always make clubs which not only look amazing, but perform incredibly well too.

The ST190 replaces the Mizuno ST180, and the key noticable change is that they have made the design far more suitable for larger audiences. Previously the club had a garish blue colour which put many consumers off. However, with the ST190, you can get the best of both worlds.

The loft can be easily adjusted on this club using Mizuno’s Quick Switch adjustable hosel which will show you how much you are altering your loft by. This has changed since previous Mizuno models, which would show the actual loft you were selecting. Admittedly, a minor issue, but I would just prefer the old display. I suspect this is so that the hosel is less cluttered with text.

The ST190 delivered some great distance for me during practice. It is definitely superior to its predecessor, which is good, and the main thing I noticed was the far more pleasant sound when striking the driver (the ST180 wasn’t overly pleasant to hear upon impact).

Overall, the Mizuno ST190 is an incredibly sleek looking driver, with the performance to match. It provides plenty of adjustability, and great levels of foregiveness for high handicap golfers. It is a solidly performing driver, and now that it has been out for a decent amount of time, some great offers can be had buying this driver brand new.

I think when it comes to Mizuno, you really should give the brand a try. There’s a reason that many people are loyal to Mizuno! So, go and check out the Mizuno ST190, and see if it is the right driver for you.

Budget Choice: Macgregor MacTec110

macgregor clubs for high handicappersI am going to start this off by exclaiming that this is a whole lot of driver, for very little money, which is why it has made this list as my budget option for you high handicappers out there.

As is pretty standard these days, it is a 460cc head, with a focus on creating as much of a forgiving face as possible. MacGregor’s focus on this driver is to create a design which increases stability at impact, and allows for an extended sweet-spot on the club face. That means, unlike the rest of your high handicap friends, your off-shots won’t be any where near as disasterous as theirs.

There is a decent amount of adjustability with this club as well. You can get a range of lofts between 9 degrees and 12 degrees. I repeat my statement before, this is a lot of driver for the money.

I think where the MacGregor driver fails in its ability to have really controlled directional ability for highly skilled golfers. If your main aim is to just get the ball as far and straight down the fairway as possible, then this club is great. However, if you’re a skilled golfer, and looking to have great control over draws and fades around potential hazards on the golf course, then you may struggle with this club. However, I don’t think you’ll be looking for this club if you’re at that level of skill.

I found that the shaft on the MacGregor really made it easy to get shots up in the air in order to maximise my carry distance. Sometimes, for me, clubs can make it a bit difficult to get a good amount of height on the ball, but I had no difficulty with this club. I think this really comes down to the quality of the shaft.

Best of the Best Choice: TaylorMade SIM MAX

The TaylorMade SIM MAX is the more forgiving option from the new SIM range, and is perfect for high handicappers out there. 

There have been some changes to the TaylorMade flagship driver this year, which normally involves a lot of fancy words and claims about how they’ve effectively made the head more aerodynamic, or made it lighter, with increased launch. Blah blah blah. Most of this is just marketing talk, and all we care about is the reality of whether it is an improvement over our current driver.

I’ve tried every driver from the main manufacturers this year, and the TaylorMade SIM is definitely the best. I do rate the Callaway Mavrik, but I just can’t get over that ugly orange paint job they’ve given it. So, the SIM is my choice, as I get equal levels of performance without having that ugly headcover in my bag.

Last year’s M6 driver was also fantastic, so if you want to save some pennies, I would also take a look at that. However, if you’re just looking for the absolute best club you can get for your money right now to make you as consistent as possible, then this is definitely the best driver on the market.

Best Driver for Seniors: TaylorMade SIM

The main reason the TaylorMade SIM is fantastic for Senior Golfers comes down to how flexible the club is for everyone. I genuinely think anyone could buy this driver, and after getting used to it, they’ll be hitting their longest and straightest drives.

Upon buying, you have a vast array of options. You can choose different lofts, and different shaft stiffnesses. This means as a senior golfer looking for a driver, you can make little adjustments in the club you buy in order to maximise your performance.

The SIM also comes with an adjustable shank, which means you can change your loft and lie angles significantly. I think this may be one of the most adjustable clubs on the market in order to tailor it to your specific needs.

My recommendation would be to get the TaylorMade SIM, and then take it to a golf fitter who has experience in fitting an older golfer. They will run you through some tests and then setup the SIM to perform at the optimum level for you. The joy of this club is that it can change so significantly just from making some tweaks at the hozel – so it really is a great driver for everyone, not just seniors.

The SIM Max is designed to deliver absolute peak levels of forgiveness. This stems from the extreme weighting at the back of the club head. Effectively what this does is naturally encourages you to tilt the club face upwards a little more. Many high handicappers struggle to get their drivers high in the air, which is why they lack the big distances. In addition to the weighted head for enhanced ball flight, there is an increased sweet-spot on the club face, which will really help many beginner golfers who likely don’t consistently hit the ball off the center of the club face.

Overall, this is my current favourite driver on the market, and the Max version is a great club for many high-handicappers to really improve your performance this season.