Golf really isn’t a simple sport, and over the years it has gotten more complex. There is just so many factors, and so much marketing. There’s different shafts for different swing types, there’s different golf balls for different players. We would be here all day if I were to list all the possible alternative choices when it comes to playing golf.

It wasn’t that long ago where you just grabbed some clubs, any brand of balls, and just enjoyed the sport for what it was. I think with more and more people getting into golf, and more marketing behind products, we’ve become a little more subconsciously competitive to improve our playing.

That’s why even down to the type of golf ball we use has become important. However, what if you’re an older gentleman or lady? Sometimes all this marketing hype really isn’t focussing on the senior generation. So, what are the best golf balls for seniors?

“We don’t quit playing because we grow old; We grow old because we quit playing.”
― Sukhraj S. Dhillon

Top 5 Golf Balls for Seniors

1. Srixton Distance

This is the #1 selling golf ball on Amazon, and for good reason!

The price on these is fantastic when compared with other mainstream brand balls, yet Srixton isn’t a budget brand.

This is actually the golf ball I would recommend to most golfers who care about how much they spend on their golf balls. I end up losing at least a couple of balls on an average round of golf, so I don’t want to be paying Pro-V1 prices.

The Srixton distance is quite soft, and maximises distance for those with a slower swing speed.

The only thing I would say is that if you’re a low handicapper, there are better balls out there for you. But, if like me, you’re over a 10 handicap, then just get these. You won’t be disappointed!

srixton golf balls for seniors

2. Callaway Chrome Soft

The name does what it says on the tin (or box, in this case) with these Callaway Golf Balls. They are soft, and focus on giving you a soft feel upon impact. This can be essential for more senior golfers, who feel the impact on non-perfect connection shots a little more.

The Callaway balls offer incredible accuracy, which also offer a lower spin rate, which means you may find that your drives go the extra distance.

These balls are going to be good for a semi-competent golfer who is probably in the 5-15 handicap area.

These balls also come in various designs and patterns which have been proven to be easier to see to the naked eye during flight. If you’re anything like me and lose sight of the ball as soon as it is against the clouds, these may be the balls for you!

chrome soft golf balls older golf players

3. Srixon AD333

If you struggle to get spin on your shots, then these are the balls you want to buy. The Spinskin technology that Srixon has put into these allows for more friction created in the air, which will encourage spin.

You can get these in a hi-visability yellow version as well if your eyes struggle to see the ball in the sky.

If you like the Srixon distance, then I think the AD333 is a slight step up. You will gain more control around the greens, and I found I was chipping into the green with significantly more success than I was with the Srixon Distance.

srixon ad333 golf ball review

4. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite

These golf balls are “22% softer than the competition” according to Wilson themselves, and honestly, I believe them. The good shots felt like a knife through butter, and if I topped the ball a little, it didn’t feel quite so jarring compared to any other ball I would normally hit.

These balls feel really nice off the putter face. My only criticism of them would be that the high visibility colours were scuffed up quite easily by my wedges. I’m not sure if this is also the case for the white balls, but it is something to bare in mind when purchasing these.

wilson staff 50 balls for seniors

5. Srixon Z-StarXV

Srixon has made the list once again! They offer a fantastic value ball, which is often suitable for senior golfers. I believe this is the best golf ball for seniors on this list, but it is at a slightly higher price point than the others.

This includes the Spinskin technology of the AD333, but also provides the great variety of distance control of the Srixon Distance.

I would argue that this is the best all-rounder on this list, and pretty much ticks all the boxes for me in terms of a perfect golf ball for older golfers. There are many positive reviews of these online from other senior golfers alike.

If you’re a low handicapper, and looking to get the absolute best golf ball you can for your style of play, I believe this is the one for you!

srixon zstarxv best golf ball for senior golfers